Palatka Bluegrass Festival 2023

Palatka Bluegrass Festival 2023

A new year brings new excitement to people who love listening to music. To tap this excitement among music lovers, some reputed music production companies organize great festivals in the New Year. These include Evans Media Source, LLC, a renowned Satsuma, Florida, music production company. It is organizing some prominent and popular live music events in the New Year, including the Palatka Bluegrass Festival 2023.

This Palatka music festival is being organized on the 16th, 17th and 18th of February, 2023. Its venue is 380 Boys Ranch Rd Palatka, FL 32177. One of the biggest and best music festivals in the USPalatka music festival offers music performances of various renowned and critically acclaimed Bluegrass music artists and bands. These include Rhonda Vincent & The Rage, Jeannie Seely, The Malpass Brothers, Authentic Unlimited, and Larry Stephenson Band. Deeper Shade of Blue, Sideline and Chosen Road will also perform at the Palatka bluegrass festival. 

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Let us know more about the artists and bands who will perform at the 2023 Palatka bluegrass festival. 

Rhonda Vincent & The Rage

Rhonda Lea Vincent is a highly talented and gifted American bluegrass singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist all rolled into one. She has given some great hits of all time like Don’t Lie, I’ve Forgotten You, I’m Not Over You, When the Angels Sing, and Once a Day. 

Rhonda Vincent performs with her band, The Rage. It consists of instrumentalists, including Mickey Harris, Aaron McDaris, Jeff Partin and Zack Arnold. Mickey Harris plays bass, while Aaron McDaris plays banjo in the band. Jeff Partin plays dobro while Zack Arnold plays guitar in the band. Their music has played an integral role in the success of Rhonda Vincent’s songs. Their magnetic and heartwarming music will keep you glued to the seats.  

Jeannie Seely 

Marilyn Jeanne Seely is a famous American country music singer, songwriter and record producer. She is known for giving some hit songs and albums like Don’t Touch Me, Life’s Highway and Number One Christmas. You can’t stop yourself from falling in love with her songs. 

The Malpass Brothers

The Malpass Brothers keep on performing in Evans Media Source, LLC-Organized Bluegrass festivals from time to time. They are gifted and proficient musicians, singers and songwriters. The brothers have created some hit songs like I Just Don’t Like Lovin’ You, Ole What’s Her Name, Too Much Boogie Woogie, Memory That Bad, I’m Leavin’ You Today and Railroad Man. The charm and elegance of their music is unparalleled.

Authentic Unlimited

Authentic Unlimited is a top-rated band which consists of 5 members who are prolific singers and instrumentalists. They include John Meador​, Jerry Cole, Eli Johnston, Jesse Brock, and Stephen Burwell. They have given some great songs like Before You Miss Me, Hold On, You’ll Find Me, and Hannah.

Larry Stephenson Band

Larry Stephenson is a famous American singer and songwriter. He sings and writes songs in the bluegrass tradition and plays the mandolin. His Larry Stephenson Band includes Dereck Vaden, who plays the banjo and Nick Dauphinais, who plays the guitar. This band has produced many hit songs. Some of them are Thank God I’m On My Way, Yesterday’s Gone, Nail My Shoes to the Floor and Sweet Little Darling (Don’t You Cry). Weep Little Willow, Weep, and Ruby’s Purse are some other songs they created. The melody and lyrics of their songs will relax your mind and elevate your spirit.

This band performs both Traditional and Contemporary Bluegrass music. 

Deeper Shade of Blue

Deeper Shade of Blue band comes from east of Charlotte. It is credited with producing some exceptional Bluegrass music. The band consists of members Jason Fraley, Troy Pope, Frank Poindexter, Scott Burgess and Steve Wilson. Jason Fraley sings vocals as well as plays mandolin. Troy Pope also sings vocals and plays guitar. Frank Poindexter sings vocals and plays dobro. Scott Burgess sings vocals as well as plays bass. Steve Wilson is the lone member of the band who does not sing, but he is a proficient banjo player. 

The highlights of this band are tight harmony singing, dynamic instrumentation and a lively stage show. You will surely enjoy their rousing musical performance at Palatka, one of the world’s largest and best music festivals. 


Founded in 2012 by Steve Dilling, Skip Cherryholmes, and Jason Moore, the Sideline band has come a long way in Bluegrass music. The band is served by Steve Dilling, Skip Cherryholmes, Jamie Harper, Nick Goad, Kyle Windbeck, and Andy Buckner. The band has produced various hit songs, including “Thunder Dan”, “Just A Guy In A Bar”, “I’ll Always Be A Gypsy”, and “Jesse’s Barn.” It has also recently released an album, “Ups, Downs and No Name Towns”, which has been highly appreciated by music lovers.  

Chosen Road

Chosen Road band comprises Jonathan Buckner, Zachary Alvis, Tyler Robertson and Josh Hicks. This band has produced popular songs like Appalachian Worship, Appalachian Hymns and When I Get Home.

Apart from the singers mentioned above and bands, some other celebrity singers and bands will perform at the Palatka festival. These include Retro 78, Backline, MC SherryBoyd, Penny Creek Band, and Corey Zink & Company. 

Due to the presence of these renowned singers and bands, this event will be attended by music fans in huge numbers. So it will hardly be a surprise if this event turns out to be one of the largest music festivals in the US by attendance.

To enjoy watching the electrifying performances of these talented musicians, you need to secure your place in this prominent Bluegrass music festival in Florida in advance. You can visit Evans Media Source, LLC’s website. Here you will find detailed information about Palatka Bluegrass Festival 2023 regarding lineup, tickets and dates. Also, you can find out here who is playing live at Palatka Bluegrass Festival 2023 in Palatka. The event is going to be held in Feb 2023. You can conveniently and quickly book the tickets from this event’s page on the website. 

It is not the only live Bluegrass music event lined up in the New Year; some other exciting music events will be organized by Evans Media Source, LLC. To know more about these popular upcoming music festivals and events, check the events section on the website.

Organizing these famous Bluegrass and Classic music festivals requires careful planning and a lot of preparation. These include approaching the artists or their managers in advance to check their availability for the events and booking them. Also, the venue needs to be booked, and necessary permissions must be obtained from local authorities to organize the events. Moreover, vendors selling foods, drinks, craft items, etc., must be contacted early to serve the spectators’ needs at the events.

Proper sound and lighting arrangements must be made for organizing the events. For that, a sound and lighting company that will bring the required systems and staff for deployment at the event needs to be hired. Its staff will ensure that the systems continue to function smoothly. If any glitches arise in their functioning, they will act quickly to rectify them and bring them back to the working condition. 

Media personnel also need to be invited to the music events to cover the proceedings. They will accord them space and highlight them in their newspapers, magazines, or online media journals.

Also, security needs to be arranged at the events to ensure smooth and trouble-free conduction of the events. It includes stationing police personnel and private security guards at the events to monitor the crowd, guide the attendees and protect the artists. 

Insurance coverage also needs to be applied to cover any losses at the events that may occur due to unexpected circumstances and reasons.

Evans Media Source, LLC has been planning and preparing for the smooth conduction of live music events in various states of the US for a long time. When you attend any of these events, you can rest assured that you will get to enjoy great music here without any interruption or inconvenience.

This music production company has an unlimited passion for promoting the cause of music by organizing various Bluegrass and Classic Country Music events. It has helped it earn the applause of music lovers. Also, its efforts have been recognized by various reputed music industry organizations, who have bestowed highly coveted awards on the company. These awards include IBMA Industry Achievement Award in 2017 and Bold City Best Award in 2015, 2016 and 2017. Moreover, the company was felicitated by the Society For the Preservation of Bluegrass Music Awards in 2022.           

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You will witness a welcoming and delightful music experience at the event. Watching your favourite artists and bands play live right before you is a fulfilling experience that cannot be described in mere words. Their mesmerizing vocals and music will stir a myriad of emotions in you, including love, friendship, separation, etc. At times, you will erupt into joy or break into tears.

The music will help bring the real you out of you and sooths, calm, and refresh you. It will help you leave the baggage of the past behind you and start leading your life again with new vigour and enthusiasm. So make sure to take advantage of this life-changing music experience at this Bluegrass festival organized by Evans Media Source, LLC.